Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 in 365 / DIY art journal project / GETTING STARTED

hello readers! you may have noticed two new banners on the left hand side of my blog- these are links to a new community art project i'm starting, one is to the page with the info about what the heck this is, the other is a link to the flickr page (learn more and start your journey here!!).

so this is my first post, and yes it's technically thursday not wednesday, but the goal is to post on wednesday. i count this one as meeting the goal because i started it at 11:58pm on wednesday. moving on...

this week's prompt is:
(or, Everything You Need to Know To Begin, leaving you no excuses to continue sitting in front of your personal computer).

1. obtain a hard cover book in which to do your project (i found mine at a goodwill store for $2.00. TWO! I KNOW, right? and it's perfect). other options: book store, garage sale, the stacks of unused books in dusty boxes in you garage, a friend, craigslist, amazon used books, 


i didn't even look at the title before buying it, and then when i got home i saw "art/search & self-discovery" which is EXACTLY what this project is about!!!! what the..? somehow things just work out beautifully without intentionally controlling the outcome. this is the hardest part of art expression, but if you're controlling how it goes, you're left in a world of frustration and unmet expectations. if you let go and give yourself over to the project, all kinds of magic happens. your choice- rage or magic? just let go.


2. obtain supplies


i bought a plastic storage box to keep my supplies in so i know everything i need is in one place. list of suggested materials:

  • magazines (i obsessively collage) - libraries and thrift stores sell outdated magazines for $0.10-$0.50/each
  • glue sticks
  • mod podge (i obsessively collage) - libraries and thrift stores sell outdated magazines for $0.10-$0.50/each
  • scissors
  • gesso
  • pressed (wild) flowers
  • acrylic paints
  • newspaper
  • fine sharpie pens
  • bits of things, papers, napkins, images, fabrics (ikea, goodwill, fabric stores have great sales)
  • paint brushes (various sizes and types)
  • old cd cover inserts
  • art from thrift stores
  • pencils
  • ect..

3. clean the cover (if needed)

i'm obviously not educated on how to properly clean a book cover, but mr. clean did the job and i'm satisfied.

post pictures of the book you chose and any meaning it has to you (none is necessary though) on the flickr "52 in 365" group page!

alright, that concludes today's prompt, see you on the other side of next week. Pin It Now!


Anonymous said...

Heather! This is such a good idea! I love the old book you found and that it just so happens to have the perfect title. It's fun to read about these projects you are doing :).

heather lorraine photography said...

Thank you so much! :)