Tuesday, August 10, 2010

describe yourself

oh my goodness, i am THRILLED about life! it's a recent development, seeing as i only just left school (april 2010) to run forward into the future with a camera in my hand. up until that point i was depressed at the prospect of living what was ahead of me, and didn't really see a purpose in my pursuits. through metaphor i would say i was a naive caterpillar who after emerging from it's cocoon was unaware of it's wings (i know, how DEPRESSING!!!!). it took almost being devoured by a creature (school, a few idiots, and some big failures) to instinctively jump away, realize the wings on my back, and chose to fly.

i'm still in flight, i might not come down.


^this is what i wrote today when updating my flickr profile, in the box marked "describe yourself." i would describe myself with that metaphor, but also in another's words:

"i am seeking, i am striving, i am in it with all my heart." -vincent van gogh

please comment: how would you describe yourself?

currently i'm in the process of creating a solid vision of what i want my business and art to be. goal setting is going on and i'm in the middle of a raging creative storm.. soon the product of this process will be apparent- i'm excited to share when the time comes.
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Anonymous said...

You are fabulous. I like this post a lot. Good luck with everything you want in life!!! you deserve it!!

Describe myself?

I am making my dreams come true, one day at a time.