Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sophia, portrait

i took my darling to the park today to practice shooting in full sun at mid-day with a clear sky. it is the absolute worst time for pictures, and it scares me always. HOWEVER, i'm trying to master light, and sometimes you just can't have the perfect lighting situation. instead of trembling in fear for the shoots that require skills in bad light, i'm seeking them out to conquer on my own so i can go with full confidence into any shoot at any time:) woot. oh, also, i would still love comments from anyone who wants to contribute on my last post: how would you describe yourself? you can read my thoughts on it if you want ideas.
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Kylee said...

You rock full sunlight girl! Sophia + Heather = unstoppable photo team!

I have been thinking about your request for your readers to describe themselves. I couldn't reply at first because I didn't have the right things to say on the spot. Humans are complex, I'm no exception. You are very good at describing yourself and choosing words, it kind of intimidates me.

I have been thinking about the following lately and it applies to this discussion, I think. Abraham Lincoln stated that "we are as happy as we decide to be". The decision to be happy has ripple effects into every realm of my life, spiritual, physical, recreational, relationships, emotional. It makes all of them better. The happiness discovery journey is never ending, but it starts with the decision that it's an adventure you want to take on. I'm trying to make that decision every day!

heather said...

Thanks for your comment Kylee, you're so inspiring!!! I love you!

Stacey said...

I think you did very well shooting in the sun :)