Monday, August 9, 2010

a few more from the jonald wedding, and also, today is 8.9.10

i really had fun at this reception. pictures from the morning are coming but i am stuck on the party:) it was at her grandpa's home in salem, utah. gorgeous evening, gorgeous yard, gorgeous people. i knew a lot of the people there which was super fun, and enjoyed wandering from group to group saying hi and laughing. as i wandered i caught a couple of moments like this one of janey's grandpa and his wife:
later her cousins took their spot:
a couple of portraits i liked:
don't you worry, i'll post a nice long one of the whole wedding when i finish editing.. i just wanted to post today because it's 8.9.10 and how often do you get a date like that? i'm almost sad the day is pretty much over just for that reason. Pin It Now!

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Kylee said...

Jonald - haha - i like it. Your pictures make me want swings like that someday! They look so enjoyable!