Monday, September 3, 2012

magazine inspiration

usually i turn to the www for inspiration, pinterest for collecting it, and blogger for sharing. occasionally i need to hold art in my hands and visually devour the tangible work. enter magazines. i'm not really a fan of fashion magazines, they are self esteem demolishers, like wrecking balls on a house on fire. it's sad, really, what with all the glorified 12 year old boys models wearing $400 jeans and $700 bikinis (what the ****? seriously? there are starving people in 3rd world countries being ravaged by war and you're spending $700 on designer triangles that tie around your privates?? i mean, come on).
anyway, aside from not being a fan of the content, there is a lot of amazing photography and inspiration in the pages, you just have to look really hard. sometimes i need a magazine to flip through because where there is inspiration, it's so much better than a digital image.
nowadays people want fast, digital, and the freedom to print crap quality pictures from walmart (this destroys the artistic intention by the way- you get what you pay for). i've tried multiple times to sell my images in print, but it hasn't worked out- i've submitted to convenience, but eventually i want to go back to the feel of a real photographs and insist on prints that are true to my art.
off the soapbox and back to inspiration, this morning i enjoyed my coffee while flipping through a magazine to pull images to collage with. i have collages all over my walls, the inspiration surrounds me and compels me to create and be true to my passions.
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Amy Coons said...

Hard copy definitely has true merit.

AND!!! Although the picture for your inspiration is cool, the one on the opposite page is disgusting!! Bleck! Gotta love those fashion mags...;)

Sam said...

How can I contact you?