Friday, August 31, 2012


here's sharing inspiration in the form of notable instagram feeds:

1. @jonathanr
2. @buyitinpacks
3. @stanflan
4. @ammatias
5. @braillegold
6. @andrewedwards_
7. @gotthatswing
8. @cubbygraham
9. @benjhaisch

and if you want to be a pal, follow ME here.

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Unknown said...

Just found you through BusyBeeLauren's blog.
And just followed you on instagram.
I'm @arichlife...
anyway, you sharing these images and talking about inspiration in your more recent post made me think to suggest that you follow @nickspud on instagram. He is truly talented and he runs a blog called Instagram Talk where he features interviews with talented IG users. It's really cool and his interviews are pretty insightful. Well worth checking out.

heather lorraine said...

Hey! Thanks for following me, I really appreciate it:) Your self portrait on your followgram page is beautiful, image and edit. Impressive self portrait!

Thank you for pointing me in the direction of @nickspud, definitely one to follow. Absolutely beautiful, thank you!