Sunday, August 12, 2012

jonathan rosser // brilliant

occasionally i come across an image that literally (Literally) takes my breath away. tonight, the image that did this was one taken by jonathan rosser:

by the way, it's an iphone photo. did that information make your jaw drop just a little bit more? it was one of the weekly selects from the vsco blog.

my blog roll is saturated with brilliant wedding photographers and honestly i've gotten weary of wedding images. tonight i was about to turn in when i happened to see this image. it's the kind of thing that makes my heart beat wildly and make my head spin with the overwhelming creative and beautiful X factor that jumpstarts my own passion and creativity.

i wasn't planning on blogging tonight and then i couldn't help myself. i am on fire with the consuming obsession to pull out my camera. my creative life has been starving recently, there's been a lack of inspiration therefore motivation. i may run out tomorrow after work and shoot the whole town. Pin It Now!

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Mish Lovin' Life said...

wow, awesome photo. Where was it taken?