Saturday, July 9, 2011

j family (part 2)

this was such a beautiful evening, and wonderful session. as i was editing all of these pictures, i was reminded why i love my job- sometimes it just gets tender:)
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Ryan said...

Mmm k. You're amazing and I hope you're ready for the longest comment ever. I just feel like I want to tell you what I love about each of these pictures.

1. Can't wait to hang this one in the house I have someday - it's almost art - you posed us all so perfect and I love the statement it makes.
2. Just a cute classy one.
3. Thanks for making my idea work - I love how it turned out and I'm excited to use it as the cover of a photo book or something - maybe with just the hands showing? I don't know - I love the way it's currently framed too :)
4. So sweet of Shay. I love that you catch pictures when we don't even know you're looking so they are real.
5. Beautiful of my Mommy - thanks!
6. Why did I look at Ry in this one... Bah - but I still love the picture!
7. Oh my parents. Love them and this is a great picture of my Dad. So proud of him for behaving in front of the camera.
8. You did some serious work on my face because it looks perfect! Thanks! I'd love to see a before and after and know what you did because I want to make magic like that :)
9. Great pictures of Ry - he even likes them which is rare! He will be using them for all of his 'social media' - or so he informed me.
10. You caught Auna's face so stinkin cute - love the little smile.
11. Ronald...
12. I want your lens. Love both of Shay's pics and I really like the way the BW one is framed.
13. Dover is a stud. I love this wall you found for all of us to have our pictures by - they will all look so good hung by each other some how. I'm on the lookout for ideas so I can help my Mom with that.
14. These just make me laugh. Daenon and Chia... Love the one where she is almost ready to lick your lens. Good job catching pictures of that animal that never stops moving...
15. Good one of Chia again. I actually like that dog so I'm glad we have pics of her.
16. So sweet of the parentals, especially the one on the right. Tender moment :)
17. I love my Dad's nose...
18. Once again I want your lens, I love the slight wide-angle effect.
19. I could hug you for a year for Ryan's dimples in this picture!!!!
20. That was a fun idea - good choice.
21. The shot is perfectly straight...? haha. I'm feeling too redundent saying that I love every single one so much.
22. Bah! This is my favorite picture of me and my sisters and my Mom EVER! Thank you!
23. This is my second favorite picture of me and my sisters and my Mom EVER! I love the angle you took the shot with - it adds even more personality to the picture.
24. You make my brothers look like such studs! and cute one of the girls too!
25. Ryan looks like a giant in the boy pictures haha. But I love them. All my favorite men!!

Now can I have the guiness book of world records award for longest comment on the coolest photographer evers blog. Thanks a million Heather! We all love these soooo much!!

aje&h said...

love the group formations...should have know miss k was masterminding. :) seriously amazing work, m.e. You inspire me to create

heather said...

Kylee- thank you so much. I am so glad you loved the pictures! Thank you for so many beautiful comments, it made my day! :D

Alissa- thank you as well! I appreciate you so much:D