Monday, July 11, 2011



these are screen shots i took (and edited) tonight during a webinar by photographer jesh de rox, while he was demonstrating his method, beloved. the way he creates space for intimacy is inspiring. i'm not ashamed to say that i teared up during the demonstration- the feeling of love was so powerful.

to me, photography isn't just taking good pictures, it's documenting something worth remembering. it's finding beauty in the everyday. it's helping other people notice the brilliance of their humanity, their relationships, and their belonging. i have followed quite a list of photographers for several years and i'm realizing that every single one of them creates images that inspire me in one if not in all of those ways. they find truth and beauty through photography as well, which is why i am connected to them. i haven't had the opportunity to personally interact with or learn from any of them besides watching them online, but i want to eventually when i have the means. Pin It Now!

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