Wednesday, November 3, 2010

achieving sun flare

kylee asked me a while back to talk about sun flare, and i mentioned it in this post, but i decided it was worth it's own post:) it's pretty easy (if you're already shooting in manual and understand basic exposure)

1. first, definitely use your screen display rather than the view finder or you'll fry your eyes.

2. shoot with a really small aperture, i'd suggest f/13+. i think i shot the photos in this post at f/20. you have to sacrifice shutter speed.

3. to get the orb, point the camera directly at the sun. move it around until you see it on your screen. you WILL see it!

i shot the photos on this post today around noon, my favorite time to do it is around sunset.. gorgeous colors:)

also, if you try it out, post some photos online and share a link in a comment, i'd love to see what everyone comes up with!!

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