Saturday, November 27, 2010

happy holidays!

the best part of the year started this week:) thanksgiving was awesome, we had almost 40 people over, amazing amazing food, karaoke and dancing, games, and so much laughing. i could not have asked for a better night, or a better family. the best part was my brother spencer was here, so i had a bit of my immediate family with me too! i didn't take very many pictures besides these on the blog, but i handed my old camera to the kids who took almost 500. if you ever want an event well documented, hand a camera to a kid and it will be covered with much enthusiasm:)
there was so much food and it catered to the different dietary needs of the huge group, so it was all labeled! haha so awesome.
last night was also wonderful: i went to temple square with my cousin's family and my brother to see the lights turn on, then we went to get pizza, and a few of us went to see harry potter 7 which was followed by hot chocolate at 1am. by the way, i LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. SO GOOD!

be grateful for your blessings, for the people who make living worth it, and re-evaluate your  life in the atmosphere of giving, gratitude, and love.

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Amy Coons said...

Well Heather, 12 years ago you were the kid that was handed a video camera to document the event at Grandma Erma's #80 birthday. You did a great job! The best part in watching it, is that the adults in the video would actually smile at you (at not tell you to stop filming them). You had no trouble walking up to groups of people, or into the kitchen to see what was going on, or to someone eating. heehee. It was great! Your professional photog days started early...

heather said...

Haha I totally forgot about that!! Thanks Amy! :) It's true, kids get a lot less grief when they're behind the camera than adults!