Saturday, August 21, 2010

janis family

last night i took pictures of my family. it's so hard to shoot from a tripod, running to jump in, taking a minute per shot, not being able to really adjust and make it how i want it, especially with grumpies involved..;) so the actual family shots didn't turn out so well but if i can muster it, i'll fight the fight to get them back out on the beach to try again. i was happy with the portraits though, and of a bunch of pictures of my parents. i've wanted to do a shoot with them for a long time, and they gave me about 10 minutes:)

here's one shot i liked of everyone, mostly because i'm blacked out. being in front of the camera sometimes reminds me how my clients feel.. just because i love photography and shoot people for a living doesn't mean i'm totally confident in front of the lens!! nope, no way, quite the opposite. maybe this can be in our family christmas card this year;) just kidding.
my sister's face started peeling from hours and hours in the sun.
taytay is a stud:
time for the parents:
my hot mama:
spencer's been on here enough, and i really don't feel like posting my face right now, so we'll leave this post at that;)

i'm excited for the family sessions in katy when i get back! Pin It Now!


Kylee said...

Emily looks absolutely gorgeous and your parents are the cutest and Taylor is about the sweetest good-looking boy I know and of course Spencer is the only one flexing in the group picture...

Overall, awesome pics. 10 stars from me :) As if I can say anything about your amazing pictures... Love you!

Shelby Bingham said...

Great pictures!!

Whitney Haslem said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I can't believe those pics of Emily! She looks so much older! And so beautiful. Everyone looks so good! Great job Heather.