Friday, February 5, 2010


i just HAD to create a post because it's been so long (in my blog-addict mind)! so, this is an update. i have to say, i am SO SO SO excited about the amazing clients i have to work with. talking to you on the phone and meeting with you is getting me excited for the great photo year ahead! wow. i really can't wait. we're going to make so much photo magic, and it's all starting in about 3 weeks.. it's going to be slow until then, once it all starts it'll be 100mph but it'll be awesome:D

this is my brother spencer. every post is better with a picture, and since i haven't had a shoot for a week i looked through past folders and found this one. he always pulls faces when i take his picture. i have to say, he is super cool. i love him so much. he's going to go to BYU idaho next fall for school, that's cool except i still won't ever see him:(

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