Thursday, February 11, 2010


yes, i am aware that this is my THIRD blog post featuring my face in the past month, and that this top photo is the second picture featuring me, going in for the kiss with my lovely Camera. there is a reason for this. first of all, i do love my camera, but this shot best showcases the exciting headwear that i received in the mail today from my wonderful aunt mindy!!!!! i was really excited about it. it actually looks cute on my head (most headbands are very awkward on my head!), and it's adorable!!!! ahhh!!! thank you so much mindy!!!!! you're amazing!!!

p.s. the fuzzy quality of this image is due to a very high ISO because i shot it in my room with very little light... that is my disclaimer in case anyone gets worried;)

this is how happy i am that i get to wear this!!!!

also, photography things are literally on the verge of exploding!!! wait for it...
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Anonymous said...

You're beautiful heather! Mindy sent identical headbands to me and Emily. That would make a fun picture! Hmmm...


Miss Mindy said...

It does look cute on you! I'm so glad you like it!

Amy Coons said...

Happy Birthday Heather! :)