Friday, September 4, 2009


my great-grandpa frank stucki passed away on sunday, the funeral was today. he served in WWII. he loved his family. he was funny and eccentric in an endearing way. i remember sitting on his lap when i was little, i remember him paying attention to what i was drawing on my paper. he had great hair. the funeral services were very well done, and he was remembered with love.



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Damon Janis said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures Heather. Since I wasn't able to attend it's very nice to feel a part of it through your pictures.

aj&e said...

your talent is such a blessing! sending condolences and love your way.

Amy Coons said...

I hadn't commented yet?...I really love these Heather. I'm going to have to post them on my blog about Grandpa. I hope you don't mind terribly. I'd love to see what other amazing pictures you took. It was good to see you. :)