Thursday, August 13, 2009


directly out my window is a lot that had a building on it that has been steadily demolished over the past 2 months. i suppose that early morning is the best time to work because it's cool, but SERIOUSLY???? 6 or 7 in the morning RIGHT next to an apartment complex???!!! I have been very patient for 3 months.. it is SO LOUD!

verbal expressions of my irritation:


when i got out of bed my friend amie walked into my room and said good morning to which i responded "AHH I am SOO irritated" and then pointed out the window.

this has been a consistent part of my day for 12 weeks.

if any citizen were making this much noise they would be arrested for noise pollution. i want compensation!

this is the view from my window. you cannot see the offensive machines in this picture but oh boy let me tell you, they ARE there.

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