Friday, August 14, 2009


-i have a facebook page for my business!!! you may have noticed it at the top of my page.. check it out, be a fan, tell your friends. thank ye!
-you will have noticed another link, to twitter. follow me!
-i have decided NOT to take a hiatus from everything but engagement photography!
-my website is under construction. you'll notice if you visit that there is only one link, back to this blog. i am going to spend the next month re-vamping the site and updating my portfolio. wait for it..
-the very next post i create will be my 100th post on this blog.. it will be special!

as you will see if you visit my facebook page, i have created a month-long event. the details are there, but basically i am offering $50 family sessions for families with small kids. i need to update that area of my portfolio because it's been a year full of love birds and i haven't been shooting children. :)


one picture just because a post is so much more exciting with pictures.. i know i post a lot of sophia, but i can't help it:) here is my baby cousin looking up at me (my skirt is in the bottom right corner):

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Taylor Janis said...

I love this picture!!!!!!! :D :D :D Your so good heather! :) I love you!

heather lorraine said...

thanks taylor! i love you too! you're great:D