Tuesday, May 8, 2012


i've done this before, i'll have to go back and find that post. basically yesterday i went on a shoot and it turned into a lesson for me on perspective. i mean, whatever i focus on defines what i think i know, when really i just need to refocus, i don't even have to do anything except bring things back or look at the bigger picture. for example, this picture shows the ugly ground, weeds, etc: 12 just by changing what i'm focused on, i can find something beautiful about the space i'm in: 13 also, sometimes i can be too nearsighted and need to look past what i see immediately in front of me: 16 i don't know where the road goes, but i can see that there is beauty and potential ahead, and that i'm going somewhere: 17 no matter how dark things are, when there is a bit of light, there is always hope that there is a way through the forest: 8bw 7 and if things are too bleak right in front of you, look up. there's light and hope whether it's the sun during the day or the moon at night: 11bw 10 Pin It Now!