Monday, October 18, 2010

client tips: 3 things you can do so your relationship is captured, not just your faces!


i have to let you in on a secret: gavin and lulu made my job totally easy. i mean, basically i just snapped photos of them being in love. i can't fake shots like this, because the emotion is genuine. the best shots happen when people naturally interact with each other. we arrived at our location, the top of a mountain. it was windy and cold, so gavin automatically wrapped lulu up in his arms to keep her warm as they waited for me to survey the place. i turned around, ready to direct, ready to pose. i saw this, and voi la. of course, i definitely pose and direct, scout locations, and give my opinions, but here are some things that YOU can do to enhance the success of your photo shoot!

1. act like you're in love, because you ARE.
you know those quiet moments you and your significant other share when nobody is around? those times when you're simply enjoying each other and expressing it? pull some of that energy out when you're being photographed. focus on the other person, and really show them you care about them. i totally understand that it's difficult for some people to be affectionate in front of a stranger, especially one who is holding camera and behaving like paparazzi. i am honestly honored by the trust placed in me by my clients who let me observe and record those intimate moments so up close and personal, many of whom have never met me before the shoot.

2. allow yourselves to have an experience, not just a photo sitting!
the more interaction and emotion you allow yourselves to have, the more fun it will be! seriously, how awesome is getting 2 hours where you're not only allowed but cajoled to kiss, snuggle, and be close with the person you love more than anyone else? your mindset is really important to the success of your shoot. allow yourself to feel the love you have, think about what draws you to your significant other, and really love them through the shoot. it will show in your photos, and you'll love them even more because they'll reflect more than your reflections; your photographs will reflect your relationship.

3. intentionally involve yourselves in the session.
emotional involvement: thinking about how much you love your partner and why. it's great to actually let them know, secretly whisper it in their ear or make comments out loud if you're comfortable doing so. experiencing your bond in the moment shows on your face and your body.
physical involvement: actually express affection and mean it. be tender. direct your energy towards your lover; touch their face, snuggle, be close. try to show your affection naturally, the way you would in a private moment: a gentle hand on her waist, a sweet kiss on his cheek. lean into each other comfortably.
logistical involvement includes selection of location. i love suggesting locations, but i also love it when my clients have ideas! involve yourself in the experience, so that it is more true to who you are as a couple.

these suggestions will help you have the best time and the best results from your photo session with me! this dosn't need to stress you out: i definitely pose, direct, and facilitate the session. i love doing so, and it's what you're hiring me to do! however, the best photo shoots are the ones where my clients are involved and invested in the experience as well as the outcome. the more you care and share, the more i can do for you! as a team we can create beautiful, accurate, and tender art, featuring YOU.

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