Thursday, September 23, 2010

today was a great day for mail

guess what the cause of me freaking out about today is?! well first of all we have exhibit a:
does this post make you want a canvas like this? :) it arrived this morning. best morning ever.

exhibit b (NEW BUSINES CARDS!!!!!!):
my uncle made an accurate observation, my name is all over this card. it was totally unintentional, but then again, i guess that's not true:) well, there ya go.
i have 5 different images for the front, and the backs are all the same. i ordered them from and am happily in love:
i wish i could let you feel them through your monitor, they're solid and smooth, so lovely! the color quality is amazing and so delicious! overall you have to admit they're kind of sexy.. ;) thank you, MOO!!!
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Whitney Haslem said...

Yeah, Heather! How fun are those business cards? And it must be a whole new experience to see your work on canvas like that. It looks so good!!!

p.s. I don't know if your "thank you MOO" is referencing Project Runway at all, but if it is... LOL!!!!!

heather said...

Haha. Thanks Whitney! I was actually thanking, the company I ordered them from. What is the reference from project runway? Now I want to watch... :)

Whitney Haslem said...

lol, funny coincidence then... in Project Runway, one of the main tag-lines is "thank you Mood" and it's said in this funny way. It's one of those silly reality shows where if you watch just one episode, you just seem to be hooked! oh, well. Love you girl! Hope you are doing fabulously!!! Oh, and I wish that you could have taken pics of Ethan for his first birthday, but I had my sister-in-law do it here in Modesto. you should check out her site (she's still getting started)

Love you!!!