Wednesday, July 28, 2010


first: i added a gallery to my website! it's a featured wedding album, with over a hundred images from joel and sara's may wedding. i have a few pictures of family, details, the reception, and of course many many many pictures of the happy couple. it's actually a really long slide show but i thought it would be cool to give everyone a full wedding to feast on;)

there is a new "awards" section on my site featuring my winning image "free."

i am working on expanding my list of services. soon you'll be able to print through me, as well as order fun and exciting things such as canvases and wedding albums!!! stay tuned! lots of fun stuff happening this year:)

also, I'M COMING TO TEXAS! if you need to update your family pictures, or get christmas card photos off your list of things to do, shoot me an email ( to set up a session. i'll be available for photo shoots from august 25th-september 2nd and will have time for 6 sessions.. so hurry before my schedule fills up! session are $120 which include up to an hour with me and up to 40 edited images which will be on a DVD so you can print at your convenience....:D
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