Thursday, July 15, 2010

news, such as: NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!

it's LIVE!!!! check it out HERE. i still need to add 3 more galleries to my portfolio, but it's good enough for now. check it out and LET ME KNOW what you think:) i love comment love!

other news: i moved to south jordan today! who knows where life will take me now!

news about booking for fall: i will be out of town from august 13 - september 6 and will not be booking any sessions for those weeks for utah folk. depending on my schedule i may be available for texas sessions during one of those weeks. i'll keep you posted.

also, here are a few fun images of my dear sophia and i from this past weekend taken on my mac photobooth. they're on my personal blog as well but i love them and wanted to share because that blog doesn't get a lot of traffic yet:)
me-and-SOPHIA!-collage Pin It Now!

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