Tuesday, July 20, 2010

colton + lindsay preview

i know i said no more wimpy posts, but i literally can't help it tonight. i am so excited to post colton and lindsay's engagement session! so many awesome spots and pictures! also, they brought their dog cooper, WAY cool. i am so glad i had this shoot tonight. things have been insane around here lately and a night behind the camera was exactly what i needed. thanks for being so great you guys! i can't wait for your wedding!
as i was driving home, BAM, gorgeous sunset:
blogsunset1i promise to have their faces plus a whole lot more goodness in the next post;) wait for it...
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1 comment:

Kylee said...

I want to see more! The sun in the third picture is breathtaking. How do you do that? Shoot wide open? Sometimes I can get good sun flares but I get lots of little sun spots too... If you're ok with it - you should share your technique with the blogging world :) Or I can just ask you next time I see you.