Tuesday, June 22, 2010

shout out

in honor of fathers day this past sunday, this post is a shout out to my dad:



a few of the reasons why i love him with all my heart:
- he's pretty much the most forgiving person i know.
- my entire life he's listened to me; if i'm right or have a good point, he respects it. i've always felt like my opinion matters because he took me seriously even as a kid.
- he's selfless. we share a love for food, sometimes at midnight when everyone else was asleep i'd creep down to the kitchen and find him making stake, and it was always good stake. he's smile and ask if i wanted to stay and eat it with him.
- he's so good with working with, managing, helping, counseling, and understanding people and how they work.
- he lives his life for the people he loves
- he has an amazing work ethic
- he's spiritually inclined and in tune.
- his love and encouragement have been incredibly necessary in my quest to follow my bliss.

i love you daddy!

and here's a rad photo of the woman that made him a father:
i never did a mothers day post so this one is for my mama as well.


here are some words she deserves to own more than most people i know: genuine, good, creative, nurturing, interesting, committed, supportive, loving, concerned (for others), selfless, patriotic, giving, helpful, and above all, PASSIONATE. add passionate or passionately to every word and there's my mom. she lives with passion, passion for people, her beliefs, and her country.
my mom has been my
- cheerleader
- support
- safe harbor
- example
and my friend.

i love you, beautiful mama!
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Damon Janis said...

Heather, this is my favorite post ever! :D You are the best.

We need to share another steak sometime soon!!

The Janis Clan said...

Heather thank you! That was so sweet! I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Coons said...

Your parents really are awesome. Thanks for sharing all these great pics too.

P.S. I've always loved that fish face one of you as a baby. ;)

Mindy Janis said...

You're mother is definitely passionate! That is one thing that makes her so fun! I'm lucky to be able to be with her often now!