Monday, June 28, 2010

i'm on a boat

i had an unexpected summer vacation! my AMAZING cousins kylee and ryan planned a trip for all of the cousins in utah to lake powell. i'm so glad i went for a couple of days. oh my goodness a boating trip was exactly what i needed, also, i haven't been camping in years. like an idiot i forgot to bring anything to sleep on, kylee was a doll and shared her blankets, and toothpaste, another necessity i forgot. the first day was a 7 hour car ride down to the lake. we went boating for a couple of hours until a freak wind storm forced us to dock. ryan was a master sea captain and safely navigated our crew back to shore despite never having driven a boat through such weather. we screamed and laughed for 25 minutes as waves crashed into our boat like water knives in our faces!


they were both smiling so cute until i turned my camera on them.. hahaha that seems to happen a lot:
mason LOVED driving the boat.
kylee and shalayne:
the scenery is gorgeous, and my favorite time of day is sunset:
ryan, navigator-on-sea-and-land extraordinaire:
the stupid wood wouldn't catch fire, so we mostly roasted marshmallows over cardboard:
i love this picture because he was climbing over the seat to come give me a kiss. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! :
seriously, WHO could resist a delicious baby kiss from that perfect little mouth?!?!?!?!?!
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1 comment:

Kylee said...

So glad you brought your camera - and so so soooo glad you could come!

I love the pictures! Especially the one of the boys on the tube - haha - still laughing about that...

I hope you really did have a good time! Love you Heath!