Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my boyfriend

i am able to eat and stay alive because my (AMAZING/WONDERFUL) job is photographing people who've found each other. today i thought i'd introduce you to my love:

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Whitney Haslem said...

He looks like he's a GREAT listener! :) what a catch!

CineStory - Wedding Films By Russ Wilson said...

1. He is a lucky man ;)

2. Yes, I do stalk your blog.

3. When do I get to see those pics from last Friday?

4. FYI - I met David Perry. Saweet.

heather said...

Haha Oh Russ.

1. I do my best to make him feel that way

2. I'm glad you stalk my blog.. I reciprocate;)

3. I'll post soon I hope.. actually I'll post the one of you right now!

4. That's awesome!!!! Did you talk to him much?

CineStory - Wedding Films By Russ Wilson said...

Hey, you ever heard of these guys:


They just may be the best to ever "play the game". Their style reminds me of yours.

heather said...

I've never heard of them before but I just checked out their blog- they look really awesome, I'm adding them to my blog list!!