Tuesday, May 25, 2010

karrie + craig groomal session!

here is a preview of my groomal shoot with karrie and craig. a groomal session is a bridal session where the groom comes along too! they're super fun because you can get formal pictures together besides the formals on your actual wedding day. the benefits of this are that you have control over location and weather, you get a lot of awesome formal shots together without the stress of a wedding day, and you don't have a lot of relatives clamoring around you as you take them;) if you aren't traditional this is a great option. karrie wanted to shoot half of the session in a laundromat. i was thrilled because i've wanted to do that forever, plus she brought craig along which was perfect, they're totally fun to work with! i'll post more of them later, but i couldn't resist sharing these goodies immediately:



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Kaitlyn said...

OMGosh Heather! These are so awesome!!! I've always wanted to do a couples shoot in the laundromat but as you know...most people can't catch the vision. I'm so jealous that you actually found someone who requested it! I can't wait to see more! You are amazing!

Bailey the Great said...

LOVE these. Never seen a laundromat look so classy. Beautifully done