Monday, April 5, 2010

my dear sophia and my dear marian

are lights in my life. sophia has become more affectionate with age, which i love. i said, "sophie, come take a picture with me!" she hurried over, wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and squeezed.. baby hug. yum! in this picture you can see the bond we have, she has my neck in a choke hold and i'm obviously ecstatic:
and we also have marian featured on this post. i took a bajillion pics last night and laughed with joy as i looked through them. none of the children in the family (with the exception of elijah, featured on the previous post) will actually be normal and smile into a camera. they are cute. SO cute. but you will not see normal cheese smiles. nope. this is what you get when you shove a camera in one of their faces, an impromptu show-and-tell or a funny farm face:
then my darling had to have a picture alone, whilst hopping up and down. i about cried laughing when i looked at the back of my camera and saw this (funny farm):
to be fair, i will post an adorable photo of her so that she doesn't feel violated when she grows up and is exposed to the contents of my blog... AWWWW :)
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1 comment:

aje&h said...

s is an wonderland. that choke hold is SERIOUS! lol.