Tuesday, March 30, 2010

photoshop magic- what's the difference?

i want to show you what the difference is after i edit your photos! i decided to use a few from joel and sara's engagement shoot to illustrate. i don't like to heavily process most of my photos, but i do put all of the images i give you through photoshop.

in this first example, the file on the left is what the image looks like completely raw, straight out of the camera. the photo on the right is what the result is after a bit of photoshop. i use a few action sets, my favorite being the ones from totally rad actions. they are totally rad, i use them all the time. here's the recipe i used for the examples on this post:

yin yang - to taste
pool party - 20% opacity
get faded (winter) - 15% opacity
oh snap - 45% opacity
can you see the difference? it's not dramatic, but it's noticeable. editing gives photos a professional feel and can make the difference between a snapshot and a professional photograph. like i said, these aren't dramatic examples. i'll save those for a later post.

here is another example, using the same action recipe as above. i try to use the same actions for each session to keep the colors and mood consistent. the first image is straight from the camera, the bottom image is after some PS:

also, i like to include the black and white versions of all of your pictures because i hand edit those as well! the first image here has simply been desaturated. the image on the right has been through a little bit of tweaking. no recipe here for you, it's actually an action that i created.

when you book an engagement or bridal session with me, you get between 40-50 images that have been handpicked by myself, and every single one of them goes through photoshop to get that extra professional touch. you get all of the images on a USB drive which is very convenient for printing. i recommend printing through me if you want really high quality prints (the place i order from is amazing), but the USB drive gives you the option. the reason i recommend ordering through me is because cheap places like walmart, cvs, or walgreens don't clean the ink in their printers. the colors aren't true, the paper is low quality, and the product isn't as classy. it still works, but if you could see the difference, you would never go back!!! maybe in my next informative post i'll show you the difference:)

the 40-50 images i select don't include everything from your session. i don't give those to you as part of the package deal, but upon request you can purchase the rest, unedited from me.
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Amy said...

I love seeing peoples processing workflow - thanks for sharing! Your b&w conversion is lovely!

heather said...

Thanks Amy! I really appreciate it!