Wednesday, March 10, 2010

camera bag!!!

i have been so busy and tired lately that i just haven't been as up on blogging as i wish.. plus i am not as gushy as usual. i promise to perk up soon. i got my new camera bag from epiphanie yesterday, which is noteworthy. two things, (1) i'm trying to decide if i love it, it doesn't hold quite as much as i was expecting. the company was nice but working with them was a pain. i'll post a review for anyone else out there who's considering these bags, so more on that later when i post more pics. (2) it's actually bright red but looks pink in this picture. i just liked the editing so i left it, don't be deceived.


by the end of this month i'll have new business cards from, i used them last year. i still have the cards and LOVE them, but my email is outdated and so are the pictures on them. WOOT!!! i can't wait for the new cards. they've been a long time coming.
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