Monday, January 18, 2010

this morning...

i woke up disgustingly early, unintentionally. i don't see any reason to wake up before 6:30am on a HOLIDAY morning!!! NO! but i did. i couldn't go back to sleep so i grabbed my camera and ran to my car to rove provo for damp morning inspiration.

things to do today:
- think about all the homework i have due this week
- consider doing my body good at the gym
- contemplate the possibilities of a shopping for an adorable handbag to convert into a new camera bag
- ponder how i feel about grocery shopping so i can eat this week
- reflect on the opportunities a weekday off of school present in getting ahead.

i think i'll just go back to sleep. then i will probably go look for handbags, it's the most appealing thing on that list.. or maybe i'll just lay in bed and watch episodes of "The Office." happy martin luther king jr. day!



this is the view behind the dumpster of my apartment complex. mm!
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Kylee said...

Good choice. Pretty sure that's the one I would have picked if I were you :) Did you find one? I want to see!

Stacey said...

Love love love these pictures...can I steal one? :)

heather said...

Kylee- ahhh I didn't end up shopping! I will be going soon though, and I'll for sure post if I get something cool:D

Haha go ahead Stacey!!! If you want them bigger I can send you the files:)