Tuesday, December 22, 2009

spencer, the preview...

i know i have been posting a lot lately. i am really loving being home and it's wonderful, but i don't have a ton to do (which i LOVE!!! finally a real break) so i have just been taking pictures, editing pictures, sending USB drives with pictures to clients, and thinking about the amazing things i'm going to do with my camera. know that once school starts, this blogging frenzy will die down and i'll be normal about it.

spencer is a senior and i will be doing a full senior shoot with him soon (and of course i will have a post about that). i've been using him as a model to test out my new camera recently, so here are a couple of preview pictures which can count as a mini senior session.

he has worked really hard to look this good. what the heck:
spencer's rock bod bw

aww handsome:)
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Kaitlyn said...

You got a new camera??? What did you get? Congratulations!

heather said...

i did!!! i finally got a nikon d300s and a 17-55mm 2.8/f lens. it's a dream i tell you. :D