Sunday, December 20, 2009

home, new camera, changes around the corner...

i'm home for christmas. it's a beautiful thing because the past 4 weeks of school have been extremely stressful and now all i have to worry about are pictures, and that's obviously not a bad thing:D i love pictures. i am SO excited for next year!!! things are moving to the next level. i've made my portfolio site available again but it's the old one. by next year it will be updated- new pictures, albums, pricing, and music (although you probably don't care about that so much, ha). wait for it!!

i have a new camera. i played with it today, a lot. my sister emily modeled, my brother spencer posed, emily snapped some of me. here are the results:






believe it or not, this is my backyard. it actually looks like a pretty cool place because of the angle emily got, but in reality it's not. just goes to show how any location can be awesome if you shoot right!!!

my brother is a senior. i just took these outside this afternoon for fun, but i'm going to be doing a full senior session with him very soon..
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