Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009!!!

i can't believe 2009 is over! we have to say 2010 now! how weird. i will tell you something private about myself. i do not like the transition between years. new years eve is depressing, i don't like finalizing a year. the year is so familiar and comfortable, i don't enjoy getting used to using the new number. boo. on the other hand, i enjoy january first because it feels like a new chance to get things right. oh the drama.

on a good note, here are cool pictures from today! i am lame and not celebrating. my family doesn't do much, my sister is watching "kung fu panda," my mom, aunt and uncle are putting a puzzle together, my dad is reading, and i am working on picture things:)

this morning was foggy and aMAZing!

my sister emily has a cat we call kitty. i swear she thinks that emily is her mother. i snapped this in the morning after foggy pictures:)

well, it's been a really good year. actually, it's probably been the best year i've had for a long time! here's to a new year, an even better year preferably!

keep an eye out, everything will be updated very, VERY soon:) i'm excited. this is going to be an awesome year for photography.

goodbye 2009!!!!!
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Mindy said...

Hi! I just read through your blog. Wish we could have been in Texas for Christmas. The pictures of your mom made me cry! Love you! Keep me up to date on what you're doing! I'm proud of you!