Monday, December 28, 2009

the bingham family

my cousins: everyone looked so beautiful!!! the light was perfect, the location was pretty, and the temperature didn't fall below freezing!! even tommy the baby cooperated splendidly.






the clouds!!! on the drive home i snapped this one. utah valley is dear to me, but the sky can't compete with texas sky. i will post more pictures later of what i'm talking about.. oh texas.

this is a sock monkey ornament on the bingham's christmas tree. if families had mascots, the sock monkey would be the bingham's.
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Amy Coons said...

I love them!!! I'm sure Shelby's family is way happy to have such great pictures. I swear Heather, your talent is so wonderful!

Whitney Haslem said...

Wow!!!!!! These are so good! Your family photo shoots are always so good, but it's a whole different thing when I know the family! Absolutely beautiful! Your family is beautiful Shelby!

Shelby Bingham said...

Heather was awesome!! She was so calm (which was helpful for my nerves)and has such an eye for getting things just so. We are very happy with the results!! :D