Saturday, November 14, 2009


this morning i went to DI with a friend and we found a lot of treasures. two of which are vintage cameras!!! yay! i found a polaroid!! it cost $4. i don't know if it works. i am trying to find time-zero film online but since it's been discontinued it's kind of expensive. i want one of these really bad (sample photos here), so cool!!!

there was a roll of film in this one, i accidentally took 3 pictures with it and opened it and ruined one. it will be tricky to develop because it's an odd size, but i'm excited to see what it produces! who knows how old those pictures are! who knows if they'll turn out. it's so exciting! i'm now looking for film. it makes all the right sounds and i think it still works. $1 baby. if anything happens i'll update. love!
also, i found 3 vintage bowls that were amazing. i tried not to buy them so many times but i couldn't resist. i mean, they were only $0.50/each!!!! what the heck!!! beauties:

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