Sunday, November 1, 2009


yesterday i went to a women's soccer game: BYU (go cougs!) vs. WYOMING. It was glorious!!! i have two soccer guru cousins, auna and shalayne. auna plays for BYU, shalayne plays for wyoming. yesterday, halloween, was a face off between the teams. BYU won 2-0. it was so much fun because a ton of family (everyone who could make it) came to the game. there were probably more than 30 janis fans. we yelled SO loud and cheered so much!!! so much support. it was AWESOME!!! i love my family:) anyway i was sitting next to my cousin daniel and we were trying to come up with a cheer that was supportive of both but without taking sides. we finally decided that when something good happened we would yell "yeeeeeeoooooo" and if something bad happened we would yell "neeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh" (combinations of "yes" and "no") because no matter what happened it was both good and bad- it's tough work supporting both teams;) so that is the description of what is happening in this picture. by the way, this was taken with my cell phone. thus the pixelation and poor quality. i apologize, this blog is starting to become personal. maybe i should make a new blog to chronicle my life so i don't have to word vomit here.

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