Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tonight i just have to share some beauty with you...

jesh de rox.
1. go there ^
2. delight.

and some pictures of my own because i can.
but really because i want a break from school work. i'm so much better at pictures than math:/




i promise i'll post more of ethan later:) goodnight!
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Amy Coons said...

I love them!!

Whitney Haslem said...

Thanks for posting these pics Heather! I know it's been crazy for you at school, but it's so nice of you to have taken those pictures and put some up on your blog. They're beautiful, and I just can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

aj&e said...

who is going to take pictures of my hazel? i need some ridiculously talented family members to live locally..any takers?

these are amazing! grandma scott looks gorgeous!

John and Sue said...

Heather, the pictures are so sweet!It was kind of you to come over and take pictures of Ethan while I was there, and so fun to get see you too. You really have a gift for photography and I am always impressed with the results of your work. Have a great week!