Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one more of the P family

meghan! i finally finished your pictures:) here are a few more gems from the session. you have such an adorable family!!!






for the most part, reese was not happy and so consequently i spent a lot of time trying to take her picture. as usually happens, there end up being a lot of great ones and then there's an unbalanced number of pictures:) oh well, she's adorable so it's completely acceptable, not objectionable at all:)



this morning as i walked out of my first class, i glanced out the window and it was snowing!!! today is the first day of snow this year. it literally took my breath away and i almost cried from the beauty of it- falling snow is incredible to me. i never tire of it. i don't love the snow when it sticks and is a foot deep, turns into dirty slush that i have to walk an hour in every day to school, but i never get tired of watching snow fall. ever. i don't really care if it's been snowing from september to april, although i don't really like winter, falling snow is the most amazing thing. here is a picture i snapped with my cell phone on my walk across campus. it's hard to see the snow or really appreciate it but i like the mood of this picture anyway. i have a feeling that i'm going to be 100% nostalgic about this someday. probably i'll cry.

10.27.09 first snow
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The Janis Clan said...

Great photo shoot as usual Heather! Loved the black and whites, and the setting looked like a wonderful place! Very pretty.