Saturday, October 17, 2009

last post of baby ethan:)

okay this is the last post i'll do of my cousin ethan, but he makes my blog look so cute, i can't help it:)

i am very excited. this afternoon i'm dragging my best friends up provo canyon to take pictures, so look for those within the next 24 hours (unless something goes terribly terribly wrong)... i can't wait!!!!

i have so many things i want to talk about on here but i have to wait.. dang it! also, i want a new camera SO bad!!!! someday when i have money i'll have one of these babies: NIKON D700. Oh the magic i could make with one of those.

presenting baby ethan (again):







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1 comment:

Whitney Haslem said...

Once again Heather, you are amazing... absolutely amazing. The pictures are beautiful. Ethan looks like he has a little tan! lol