Thursday, October 22, 2009

kaity + me = rad awesome cousin shoot (preview)

yesterday i went shooting with my cousin kaity down geneva road. we didn't run away from harsh, direct sunlight and i'm happy about what happened:D usually i tremble in fear of direct sunlight. oh oh oh, kaity was a doll and let me play with her camera. all of these were taken with her camera and lenses. it was magical.

there was a question posed to socrates: "quis custodeiet iposos custodes?" or "who will watch the watchers? who will guard the guardians?" me and kaity ask "who will photograph the photographers?" we took SO MANY PICTURES.

check out her blog, she'll probably be posting her take on the afternoon really soon:)

look at kaity's attitude!! (ahh, lovely bokeh!)



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1 comment:

aj&e said...

you guys are hot. the kind of hot that makes a houston summer tremble.