Tuesday, September 15, 2009

jacob + whitney = ethan!!!

my aunt had her baby this afternoon! his name is ethan and i think he was about 6lbs. he is a doll. adorable, sweet, and brand new. how could anything in the world be more perfect than this? today a new life began in my family. this summer i started realizing how important family is to me. obviously i have always loved my family (immediate and extended) but i am suddenly conscious of how much belonging does for a soul. i am so blessed. i belong to two amazing families, and i love both of them with all my heart.

p.s. in the next couple of weeks i'll be doing a newborn shoot with him. i. can. NOT. wait. isn't he a darling? isn't he amazing?

whitney and her baby!

if every baby was born into love like this, the world would be a significantly better place to be.

ethan scott.

james and i got to hold him too!!! i'm the oldest holding the youngest grandchild....

james is now the uncle of 18.
daddy and momma!

whitney and her baby

jacob and his baby


i couldn't decide which i liked better so i decided to post them both!!!

james is a nice uncle. he humored my photography urges by the elevator.
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Amy Coons said...

Oh. My. Goodness. This is the coolest thing ever!!! Whitney and Jacob are so lucky that you know how to take pictures so well! Did Whitney really just have a baby?? She looks great!! I love your comments too. Thank you so much Heather!!

Whitney Haslem said...

Heather, these pictures are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for coming to visit us in the hospital, and thank you for posting so many pictures!!! I love being a mommy!

Shelby Bingham said...

Heather, the pictures look really great! Ethan is soooo cute!! Of course I'm totally jealous that you and James got to go see them all in hospital, but I'm glad you were there too!! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice work Heather! Thanks for being there and capturing "the moment" - not too many people get that professional touch :) John

John and Sue said...

Heather, your pictures of little Ethan made it almost as good as being there in person. You are a great photographer and the whole family is always so impressed with your talent. Thank you for all the memories you are helping to preserve!

John and Sue said...

What great pictures, Heather! It was almost as good as being there in person. Thank you for helping to preserve so many family memories. You have such a talent in photography and your comments are always so insightful. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Those are just so adorble, i was really excited to have a new cousin. How sweet! :)