Tuesday, September 22, 2009

exciting new things + kaity's website!

my life is starting to change. i love it! things are going so well right now, everything is falling into place. i also would like to state the obvious and say: I LOVE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! photography is the best invention EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the real reason for this post is that i am just SO excited for my cousin kaity, she's also a photographer and she's really really awesome!!! here's a plug for her: she does all kinds of portrait sessions, but MAN she takes beautiful pictures of kids and babies. so, i recommend her;) you should check out her brand new website and also check out her blog (i love blogs the most, i follow about a thousand).
here is one example of her work:

and now, a couple of my pics just to finish this late-night post off... :)
i have wanted to take a silhouette shot at sunset for ages, and i took this on the way to idaho when my friends married each other last month. ideally we would have stopped and taken some AWESOME friend silhouette shots but we didn't have time and there would have most likely been a lack of interest. someday......
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The Janis Clan said...

That's gorgeous Heather!!!!!