Wednesday, April 29, 2009

alyse = bride! *edited*

as you may have noticed on this post, i have decided to re-size the pictures i post here. as much as i love the gigantic pictures, you probably can't really see them when they're that big!!! yikes! so, i will now be posting pictures with a 550 pixel width rather than 700 pixels.

keep your eyes open, brad and heather's wedding will be posted soon!!!

also, unfortunately every computer screen has a different color calibration and so you probably aren't seeing the pictures the way i want you to. PCs have a hard time with good color, usually it's really muted. if you want to really experience the great colors, check out my blog on a mac using a safari internet browser!!! that is also what they will look the most like when they are printed.

*by the way, if you've been following my blog you may notice that i've changed the pictures posted here. enjoy:





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1 comment:

Kylee said...

You are amazin' - how fun - I wish I could have come and played photography with you two.