Thursday, March 12, 2009

a few things

if my blog looks messed up to you, then you are probably using internet explorer. i don't know why internet explorer can't read my script. i'll fix it soon but for now, just view my blog in Mozilla Foxfire:)

also, i will be changing all of my pricing very soon. i'm figuring it out right now, so if you want a quote, email me ( <-- i know! so exciting! i have a real, professional email address now!) and i'll let you know. it won't be too different from what's on my website, but i don't think my website is very clear or adaptable so that'll be changing.

i have computer lust:

my goal is to buy one of these within the year. and also some other things. like a new camera, a car, and a better lens. Pin It Now!

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