Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello everyone! I know this blog has been left stagnant for too long, but I promise there are MANY posts to come, very soon. I am really upset because my computer hard drive crashed about a week ago, and while I was able to save all of my files, I lost Photoshop and all my work has been put on hold. It's rather depressing to be so heavily dependent on a little piece of software, but that's the way it goes! Over Christmas I'll get it up and running again.

I am about to change a lot of things, so here is a heads up! New pricing for 2009 will be in effect for all sessions scheduled after January 1st, I will be officially switching to USB drives to deliver photos, because CD's have become a mess. I'm going to be changing my website, and hopefully in the year I'll be upgrading my equiptment! Hoorah!

Everyone, Merry Christmas! Pin It Now!

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