Monday, August 18, 2008

my third wedding!

since my website isn't the easiest to update, i am glad to have this blog which i have sorely underused. i am writing from the second floor of a condo, looking out the huge windows that cover an entire wall. the view is spectacular, a sunset over the beautiful Bear Lake where i will be vacationing with family until the 21st. hopefully i'll post some pictures from this place.

anyway, the wedding was great and i'm excited for the couple to see them!

oh, one last comment: i am changing my pricing for weddings. all currently scheduled events won't be effected. my new pricing (for weddings only) is this:

$220 for the first hour of your event, and $75 for each consecutive hour. i'll be available for hire up to 10 hours. that won't include traveling costs, but i will include a photo CD (or DVD- i might switch due to file capacity) so everyone can still print their pictures at their own convenience. i still recommend

alright. picture time:)

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