Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This past week I finally got around to experimenting with my favorite type of photography, which I call "conceptual" for lack of a better word. I used my cute brothers as models and created a series using the same props in several different shots that were in a few different locations. I haven't thought of a title for the series but I am excited about the shoot. I used three main props - old records (which I have been wanting to use for SO long! I finally bought a few for 75 cents each at a thrift shop), a certain white pinstripe hat, and a really cool jug with a pretty rose in it. It was a fun shoot because we went to my favorite location in Katy to take pictures - it's at some old warehouses down in old Katy by the train tracks, and it is a treasure box of photo opportunities. I really like using it as a location for senior portraits as well as conceptual work.

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Raihana said...

i really loved the pictures!
thnx 4 the post